Validation Testing

SRC offers a state-of-the-art test facility to our customers for:

  • Durability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Emissions Verification
  • Failure Analysis
  • Rotational and Electrical Loading
  • Warranty and Part Validation

Explore One of Our Test Cells Below


Test CellOur state of the art test cells are designed with technology and practical working environments in mind. From the data acquisition and dyno equipment to the oversized cell space, we built the cells with true research and development in mind. Adequately sized to include engine work space, the cells allow our customer’s product to remain in the cell during test time as well as engine or component modification. This provides even greater privacy for all projects being conducted in the facility.

Cell MonitoringWe realize that often times there is a tremendous amount of intellectual property that is in involved with development testing. Our customer’s proprietary developments are just as important to us. Each cell is monitored to ensure that both our engineering team and our customers can monitor all progress and activity throughout the testing process.

DynoAll of our Dynomometers are AC which allows us to provide a greater degree of precision to the test performed. The integrity and consistency of our data acquisition is critical to ensuring a successful and meaningful test. SRC has invested in development grade equipment to continue to meet the changing demands of our customer’s technologies.

FuelFuel consumption and other fuel related measurements are becoming increasingly important. SRC has the capabilities to measure fuel consumption on propane, natural gas, and diesel with exceptional accuracy.

Data AcquisitionOur service quality is most greatly demonstrated in our data acquisition and reporting. In fact, it is our quality standard. SRC can provide 92 channels of data acquisition which means that more critical testing points are measured. What does that mean to you? A much more comprehensive report that ensures our customer’s products are ready for just about any variable relative to end user product quality.

Control RoomTesting projects often require the attention and hands-on work of many engineers. We do limit our control rooms to our staff alone. In fact, they were constructed to comfortably accommodate as many as ten people. They are equipped with full dyno control features and ample work stations.

Air Flow SystemProper air flow can create challenges for many tests. Each cell is equipped with 55,000 CFM exhaust system. In short, we turn the air over inside the cell ten times every minute, ensuring that we can properly regulate the air flow.

  • Test Cell
  • Cell Monitoring
  • Dyno
  • Fuel
  • Data Acquisition
  • Control Room
  • Air Flow System