Springfield Remanufacturing Corp and Leading Edge LLC collaborate a Power Generation program.

Springfield, MO – Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation’s Heavy Duty division (also referred to as SRC Heavy Duty) have formalized their partnership with Leading Edge Power Solutions (LEPS) after completing the development of their clean natural gas generator.

SRC Heavy Duty., founded in 1983, is a subsidiary of SRC Holdings Corporation. They are the leading independent remanufacturer and new assembler of diesel engines, engine components, turbochargers, whole goods, and generator sets. Heavy Duty diversified its portfolio in 2012 to include generator sets for the oil & gas industry. They have manufactured generators ranging from 30kw to 25Okw. Heavy Duty and Leading Edge have developed a clean, quiet, efficient, natural gas genset for commercial and industrial customers that would benefit in reducing energy and demand charges from ever-rising utility costs.

Leading Edge Power Solutions, LLC was founded in 2017 and their key executive team is made up of three energy experts. Executive Chairman, David Walters Board Advisor, Dick Paulsen, and COO, Mark Schneider. Dick Paulsen came from Pargen and was an integral part of building the organization into an industry-leading business development firm specializing in renewable energy solutions. Prior to Pargen, he was COO of Commonwealth Energy Corporation, one of the largest independent energy service providers, in the US. When discussing why they chose SRC, Paulsen said, “Leading Edge Power Solutions needed a “turn-key” supplier and integrator of a unique Distributed Generation product. We found SRC to be the perfect partner to not only understand what our vision was for the LE 240 but to cost-effectively manage the OEM supply chain to integrate a quality controlled finished product.”

In 2016, the two companies met to discuss developing a specific line of generators for a very specific type of energy solution. They have been in the research and development phases since 2017. After reaching their final phase of R&D with their UL certification in hand they are ready to hit the market. The LE 240 boasts a 13L WeiChai engine that is perfect for the application of “Peak Shaving”. Peak shaving simply means the process of reducing the amount of energy purchased from a utility company during peak demand hours when the cost of energy is at it’s highest.

It is no secret; utility rates will continue to rise because of the aging grid infrastructure, renewable portfolio standards, and also because of increasing emission reduction requirements. Leading Edge customers will still be tied into the utility power grid, using a combination of electricity from the utility and their LE-240 genset. Unlike solar or wind solutions these generators will be on-demand 24-7 without being weather dependent. The equipment can run grid parallel and, as an extra benefit, provide emergency backup power. Any corporation that would like to utilize “behind the meter” tools and also to become more sustainable, will find financial justification in the real-time energy and demand charge management that Leading Edge is offering.

“This partnership is a terrific opportunity for both of our companies. SRC has proven their success with an OEM relationship model again and again and we look forward to collaborating the respective strengths of both corporations for energy sustainability for years to come.” Says, Kevin Snyder, Director of Channel Sales of SRC Heavy Duty.

Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation, also known as SRC Heavy Duty, is one of 10 subsidiaries of SRC Holdings Corporation. They are the leading remanufacturer and new assembler of diesel engines, engine components, turbochargers, generator sets and whole goods.

Michelle Herzan